Lupit Pole Classic - Chrome
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- chrome, 45mm, spin-static, removable, portable dancing pole

LUPIT POLE CLASSIC is removable, multi-piece pole what makes easier to move from house to house or room to room without having to buy a new pole. For anyone living in an apartment or thinking of moving in the next 5 years this would be great option.


LUPIT POLE CLASSIC can be easy installed/removed in just few minutes by a single person. It has been designed for quick installation without drilling. Quality rubber surface, unique upper disc Flex System and patented Safety Block Nut ensure maximum safety to the dancer. No reported accidents or fall overs.

Very nice package includes all tools needed for installation and detailed instructions.


  • Removable, multi-piece pole
  • Spinning and Static mode
  • Smooth and Unique tube Joint system
  • Upper disc flex system absorbs bending force and distribute it equally
  • Smooth pole design all the way
  • Diameter 45mm is the perfect grip for most dancers
  • Extendable for ceilings from 2100mm to 2800mm - basic kit, with extra extension to maximum 3200mm
  • Quadruple ball bearing system for top spin
  • Safety block nut blocks the pole against loosening
  • Fast no drill installation
  • Chrome construction


Dimensions of package: L: 110cm, W: 24cm, H: 17cm
Weight: 18,1kg